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We empower Caribbean people
to create change from within.

KRIK ?!*

Meet the core team

Alvin Arthur


Interaction designer focused on pedagogy, as well as brand strategist, I connect the dots where rationality and systematic thinking may show their limits.

Arnaud Archimède


From interaction design at PSA (automotive) to consultancy, through UX & UI design at Evaneos, I wear the double cap of designer and project manager.

Karine Roger


Communication strategist with knowledge on various media — from print to digital, my intention is to make sure the message reaches desired audiences.

William Korutos


Trained as an energy and environmental engineer, my expertise lies between public and private sectors as well as financing projects.

Stéphanie Boucard


Specialized in the public sector, I speak the language of the political sphere and uses my copywriting abilities to serve the Caribbean.

Kimberley Demagny


Young Project Manager in Digital Marketing & communication, I am an art, culture and heritage passionate.

KRIK ?!* : KRIK ?! …is the magic formula, vigorously announced by the creole storyteller in the French speaking Caribbean islands to get the crowd’s attention. When the listener is ready, he/she answers : KRAK! Then the story may start.


We are not whistleblowers. We are the whistle.

a male and a female entrepreneur out of a genius recipient we are the whistle

As young Caribbean people who moved to Europe to study design and make a living, we faced the excitement of being exposed to so much newness, as well as the challenge of defining our cultural identity within our own growth. We realized how much design changed the way we envision and inhabit the world around us and we wanted to bring our practice back home. This posed an endeavor as we couldn’t find an established structure for it. These realizations brought us to wonder:

Why is design not really present in the Caribbean? Why is there no established educational platform fostering design? Why does it have to be so expensive for young Caribbeans to learn such an amazing mindset and process? Why is design so misperceived in its ability to solve social, economical or ecological issues, besides aesthetics? Can we create a way for us to give back to our islands through design?

We Are The Whistle entrepreneur staring at a wall of post its wondering

One night, each of us made a drawing of this shared idea we had in our minds, yet to be refined. The images reflected the same desire: learning and serving our territory in the most fulfilling environment.

Alongside more hungry change makers — such as engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, educators, researchers philosophers among others — spread in the Caribbean and all over the globe, we joined forces and created We Are The Whistle, an organization to pioneer the way of entrepreneurship through design education in the Caribbean.

We found our voice and continue to sharpen it day by day. We are not whistle blowers, we are the whistle.


Fierce Entrepreneurship


An improved and empowered Caribbean of tomorrow requires solution seeking for local challenges through quick, planned and iterated experiments over endless discussions from unequipped official instances. It is the end of institutional leadership as we know it, the end of an unproductive dependency resulting from the past. The digital advancement of the social, economical and educational dynamics we live by must reflect our ability to respond creatively and with autonomy, to the daily obstacles brought by the actual geological and geopolitical conditions of the territories. The Caribbean, due to these exact same conditions, is an outstanding laboratory for researching, developing and implementing initiatives and visions from a large population of entrepreneurs, showcasing its resilience and innovation. Education in entrepreneurship benefits largely from revisited design methodologies, tailored to the local heritage, mores, sustainable development and desire for social innovation.

an entrepreneur's hand holding a smartphone We are the whistle

Wise connectivity


Caribbean people reframe their way to inhabit and respond to the world. They redefine their ecology and broadcast it through an unprecedented ecotourism where local actors and newcomers embrace the strengths of each island. In fact, Caribbeans do not envision their businesses without dedication to the sustainable core component. As a consequence, local inhabitants are insisting to discover their surroundings even more. A network for transportation bonds islands for goods and resources exchange in a responsible manner and is the pillar of a “Turquoise Economy”. The emergence of local cryptocurrencies enhances local actors' agility and agency in creating opportunities. As traveling becomes a matter of wisdom, working from home allows a local workforce to engage with, support and inspire businesses and initiatives from all over the world, with the benefit of investing and prosuming locally. The Caribbean inspires islands and archipelagos globally in the ways it takes ownership in creating its reality.

a map of entrepreneurs connecting in the Caribbean We Are The Whistle

Emancipated creativity


Celebrating and valuing linguistic richness allows a schooled youth to activate exchanges and connections of learners from all parts of the Caribbean, supported by major educational institutions bridging the gap between students from various islands systematically. By teaching how to learn, design education is pioneering the deepest changes in mindset and agency across all fields; from agriculture to tourism, technology, ecology, entertainment and more. Explorers by nature, we raise a youth that knows itself better and makes our cultures and know-hows vibrate globally, beyond the entertainment realm. These worldwide stories are told by newly homegrown vivid media platforms reinventing how the public experiences history, culture and creativity.

An entrepreneur motivated We Are The Whistle Caribbean

Act from within

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