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3 local field experts,
4 mentors & coaches,
12 attendees
Get ready!

Saran Diakité Kaba


Interactive Design Director,
PSA Group

Geoffrey Dorne


Founder of
Design & Human

Alexis Onestas


CEO of

Arnaud Archimède





Adaptive healthcare specialist

Malcom Ferdinand


Environment engineer,
doctor in political philosophy, researcher and writer



Responsible tourism specialist


This is how it’s all going to happen


A place for inspiration

The whistlers and coaches will be hosted in a villa complex all inclusive of:

Exchange, welcoming every participant with optimal Wi-Fi connection for mentor calls, updates and research
Reflection, within a quiet neighborhood
Concept prototyping, with a space facilitating pitches and making
Immersion, in nature for walking meetings and relaxed strolls
Appetite, besides having daily local dishes, we make sure information is not overwhelming and can be well processed by the group


Field research sites

As field research is key in studying and testing prototypes, we will be having daily transportation services to bring the whistlers to desired locations on the island, in order to make their concepts more concrete.


Discover the island's wonders

The Guadeloupe islands are a living treasure when it comes to culture and landscape. From musea, local markets, submarine excursions and the volcano. We will go places, appreciating the richness of the culture and landscape.

You may refer to this link for the camp's Terms & Conditions.


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We've got you covered

What is Whistle ?

Whistle is the Caribbean platform that brings change across design methods and supports every change maker.
Our first tangible action is a 10 day Caribbean Design Bootcamp, giving the opportunity to every curious and ambitious creative, entrepreneur or project initiator to learn how to start a business in a creative way.

When and where does the summer camp take place ?

All the attendees will be welcomed at the camp, in Guadeloupe Islands, from August 18th to August 27th 2021.

Are the plane tickets part of the packs ?

Our "Queen Conch" pack includes a plane ticket, access to the camp with food and bed, guided tour on the island and collective transportation.
Prefer to travel by boat or already living on the island? Then Discover our 3 packs here.

Will I be able to develop my own project ?

Yes...But this will not be developed during the 10 days. We aim to be a perennial structure that will impulse each entrepreneurial initiative. Our bootcamps are strictly geared towards giving the opportunity to improve your entrepreneurial skills through design methods. Thus all attendees will work on common topics such as adaptive healthcare, ecology or responsible tourism.

Where am I supposed to sleep ?

During your entire stay, you will live in a beautiful villa with ample nature and comfort to stay focused on learning, testing and prototyping. Rooms will be shared and we will pay particular attention to your personal comfort and safety needs.

Is it strictly reserved to designers ?

Absolutely not.
• Are you curious and seeking new challenges in the Caribbean?
• Do you have a business or plan to start one (one day)?
• Are you from somewhere in the world though you share a passion of wanting to tackle Caribbean issues?
If you answer affirmatively to any of the above questions and you are 21+ years old, then Whistle Caribbean Bootcamp is tailored for you!

How many attendees will be there with me?

We have 12 opened spots. It's the perfect number for us to give you focused guidance.

How can I contact you ?

krik@wearethewhistle.com. You will receive a response from us within 48 hours of your message.


The Caribbean is no longer to be discovered but to be heard.
We represent the beauty of our islands, the cultural richness, the know-hows of our people. We celebrate their eyes, we nurture their ears.
A whisper, a burst, ardent and silent screams; a unique energy that we must understand, dissect, embody, unify and wholly preserve.
We Caribbeans are not whistleblowers —

We are the whistle.


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