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Whistle is a Caribbean platform harnessing change through design by supporting change makers.

We support young entrepreneurs who want to come back home to the Caribbean to impulse concrete local changes in an era of increasing self agency. Whistle is the only social innovation platform which teaches design methods to aspiring change makers. Thanks to the endeavor of the Caribbean youth spread around the world, we aim to build new visions, services and ecosystems. We are driven by reversing the negative impact of brain drain and supporting the emerging will of “coming back home.”

Support for entrepreneurs to propel their projects in terms of Design, Marketing & Strategy
Entrepreneurial Training Bootcamps
Meet ups with Caribbean Entrepreneurs
Design sessions in schools to spark and nurture creative awareness

We are not whistleblowers. We are the whistle.

Whistle coach zen with entrepreneur thinking growth post it

As entrepreneurs,
we know it can pose a struggle to formulate a clear road map, select the right profiles or even be able to speak the fundraising language for your project.

Enjoy our new peer-learning program to launch or enhance your project !


Entrepreneurial Training Bootcamp


An exceptional site from which to live and work

Go for a deep dive into Caribbean culture and nature; between sea, rivers and mountains


Concrete issues can be solved for real people

The Caribbean region is a place where the smallest changes can have a strong impact on people's lives. The Whistle enables an immersive opportunity to be a part of positive change


Mentors and coaches offer guidance

Our team is composed of designers, entrepreneurs, project managers, and researchers to help you reach for the best results in executing your idea or solution on the field

3 areas to explore during the bootcamp


Prevention plays a key role in healthcare. Nature is the best example for that.The amazing biodiversity present on the islands makes it possible to tackle the health system from an early stage


As a collective and timeless challenge, ecology, its present status and history, show that we need to reinvent the tools in which we understand and interact with it


The Caribbean is a biodiverse treasure on earth, yet the intensive touristic economy affects this ecosystem tremendously. We facilitate a chance to readapt tourism so that it protects and nurtures the ecosystem.

Quote signe from Whistle entrepreneurs and sponsors network

What a beautiful initiative for our wonderful profession and for the Caribbean,
I am happy to sponsor the association.

Saran Diakité Kaba

PSA Group R&D and Design Director, Sponsor of We Are The Whistle

It's cultural in the sense that we might not have enough success stories in that field [...] I think it's coming with the younger generation already: more and more of us wanting to create start ups with an international outreach.

Audrick Fausta

Inventor & Engineer, Drickybot

The knowledge input should be from within so people can identify themselves with what is developed by the fresh upcoming artists and designers.

Glen Goddijn

Director, Academy of Fine Arts and Design of Aruba

I guess I moved all the way from Curaçao as an outsider, to here find a group [sic] and still be an outsider.

Tevin Blancheville

Fashion Designer & Creative Director, NSE


Our network of entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, inventors, artists, researchers and more shares their ideas.


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