We are not whistleblowers,

We Are the Whistle.

The Caribbean forces community reviving the region’s energy by connecting diasporic & local talents over 1 to 30 days projects.
Quote signe from Whistle entrepreneurs and sponsors network

What a beautiful initiative for our wonderful profession and for the Caribbean,
I am happy to sponsor the association.

Saran Diakité Kaba

Ex. R&D and Design Director at PSA Group, Sponsor of WeAretheWhistle

It's cultural in the sense that we might not have enough success stories in that field [...] I think it's coming with the younger generation already: more and more of us wanting to create start ups with an international outreach.

Audrick Fausta

Inventor & Engineer, Drickybot

The knowledge input should be from within so people can identify themselves with what is developed by the fresh upcoming artists and designers.

Glen Goddijn

Ex. Director, Academy of Fine Arts and Design of Aruba

I guess I moved all the way from Curaçao as an outsider, to here find a group [sic] and still be an outsider.

Tevin Blancheville

Fashion Designer & Creative Director, NSE


The Caribbean is no longer to be discovered but to be heard.
We represent the beauty of our islands, the cultural richness, the know-hows of our people. We celebrate their eyes, we nurture their ears.
A whisper, a burst, ardent and silent screams; a unique energy that we must understand, dissect, embody, unify and wholly preserve.
We Caribbeans are not whistleblowers —

We are the whistle.